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You can call up the info window at any time by pressing the OK button. TIP: If you press the ALT key, the receiver will switch back and forth between the current and the last programme location. Please refer to the instructions for your television. If necessary, switch the Summertime setting on or off. In larger communal antenna systems, it may be necessary to switch off the LNB voltage! Place the thread of the plug directly onto the socket and screw the plug as tightly as you can by hand. Select the time zone Berlin for Germany. Display programme list: You can obtain a general overview of all stored programmes by pressing the BROWSE button. If you do not obtain any reaction or only a weak signal level, you should alter the height angle by a few millimetres up or down and start the satellite search again by swivelling to the side. To re-activate the sound, press the button again or press the volume keys. Select the desired sorting criteria with the coloured buttons: RED: Alphabetic sorting A - Z or Z - A GREEN: According to transponder frequencies or network specification YELLOW: Freely receivable or encoded programmes BLUE: Current satellite or all satellite positions OK: Sorting is carried out Display favourites lists: A programme list with many hundreds of TV or radio stations can quickly become confusing. When entering film lengths, you should also allow for overruns from previous programme times. The receiver needs a few seconds to load the data sent by the satellite. Choose the desired selection from the list and close the list with EXIT. You can rename these lists default settings FILMS, MUSIC, NEWS and SPORT as desired, e. After a few moments the satellite receiver will display the desired programme. If you wish to operate your satellite receiver on a communal system and do not have any reception with the default setting, please contact the block manager. To set the height, bend the antenna up and down carefully, until the desired number of degrees is set. The antenna will rotate to the west. The antenna will rotate to the east. Alignment with a satellite.

You must know the following data: The reception and transmission frequency e.

Deletes the selected transponder Selects transponder list for another satellite 10. The extent and content are defined by the programme provider. When entering film lengths, you should also allow for overruns from previous programme times. You will always hear the stereo sound in the default setting RED button. You can change the default settings for each LNB in the LNB SETTINGS menu and, for example, set how further LNBs are to be actuated via a DiSEqC switch. Signal strength The information window not only shows the signal strength of the programme and transponder that is switched on, but also the frequency, polarisation and the symbol rate. Press the Stand By button on the receiver or on the remote control. Press the SUB button to call up the subtitle selection. The designations for reception frequency, polarisation etc. When you have found the desired programme, press the EXIT key to hide the list. You must know the following data: The reception and transmission frequency e. Sort programme list: Call up the programme list with the BROWSE button; when the GREEN button is pressed, the menu for sorting the programmes will appear.

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skymaster dx24 fta прошивка

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